Packed with natural wonders that enchant domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year, Kopaonik National Park is known for its exceptional geographic diversity that is reflected in vast pastures, dense forests, and mountain peaks with unforgettable views.



With over 200 annual days of sunshine and a snow blanket that lasts an average of more than six months, Kopaonik offers perfect conditions for an active vacation all year round – whether you are looking for untouched nature, mountain sun and air, exciting adventure, world-class skiing, family vacation with children, or simply to escape from the summer heat

Every stay on the ‘Silver Mountain’ represents a perfect opportunity for the rest and recovery of all five senses, and for all generations.

A comprehensive network of ski lifts and dozens of groomed ski trails have made Kopaonik an unavoidable destination for all Alpine and Nordic skiing enthusiasts for decades, while in recent years the variety of summer facilities has been raised to an international level.

For lovers of active summer holidays, the mountain offers magical excursions with unique vistas and waterfalls, horseback riding, mountaineering, hiking and trekking, numerous activities for children, as well as adrenaline sports, including quad adventures, summer skiing, tubing, zip-line rails, paragliding, mountain biking, mountain cart and downhill skateboarding.






The Kopaonik province is characterized by excellent traffic connections with all important destinations within the wider region. Kopaonik can be reached by car via international motorway E75, and the tourist centre can be approached from three directions: via Jošanička Spa, Rudnica or Brus. The nearest airport, Niš Constantine the Great, is about two and a half hours away, and Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport is about three and a half hours away by passenger car. There are also several daily direct and charter bus and minibus lines that connect Kopaonik with the most important cities in Serbia.

Niš​​​​​: 177 km
Kragujevac: 193 km
Beograd: 279 km
Novi Sad: 365 km
Skoplje: 300 km
Podgorica: 420 km
Banja Luka: 570 km
Sarajevo: 330 km

Jošanička Spa: 22 km
Lukovska Spa​​​​​​​​​: 62 km
Vrnjačka Spa​​​​​​​​​: 80 km
Pančićev Mausoleum (2017m)​​​​​​​​: 4.4 km
Gradac Monastery (13th century ): 54 km
Studenica Monastery (12th century): 65 km
Sopoćani Monastery (13th century): 67 km
Žiča Monastery: 98 km